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Meet Ole Bessie!

Our 4' x 8' Shopbot PRS Standard Tool!

make+SHift offers CNC prototyping services for a variety of applications and materials!
We also specialize in optimizing geometry and processes for larger manufacturing runs!

See what we can CNC for you today!

Foams . Renshape . MDF . Wood . Plaster . Plastics . Wax

Interested in Do It Yourself CNC Prototyping? ?


Large Scale Parts

Ole Bessie has a 4' x8' Bed

Complex Surface Modeling
Double Registrations Cuts

Prototype parts
DIY Micro Manufacturing

Textures/ Logos
Sign Making
V Carvings

Blue Foam
Ren Shape/ Foam Boards

Slab Clearing
Table Parts



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DIY CNC Classes !

Have you ever want to play on the CNC but never had access? Come and use ours!

Classes are scheduled On-Demand!

Call today to schedule a visit!

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