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Davis says, “Design is as much about a discovery process as it is the end product. We all had these amazing resources in our university training but when you get into the real world, it becomes about what you can stick in your garage. Not to mention the lack of incredible knowledge you get in that setting from professors to shop technicians. It just seemed natural to bring the dialogue and discovery part back into the forefront of the design work by creating a physical place for it. In a down economy businesses strive to achieve the most with the least. Make+Shift addresses their needs for DIY prototyping and micro manufacturing to help get their ideas launched. If we have the resources, why not make them available to everyone else who is in the same boat? "

In 2011, Davis entered and won $25,000 in the 2011 Business Plan Challenge for the make+SHift business plan. The completion was funded by A+ Federal Credit Union and co-sponsored by BIG Austin and the Texas Small Business Development Office. Davis along with 6 other winners were awarded the $25K to launch their businesses and promote small business growth in Austin.

make+SHift Team Members


Brooke M Davis, IDSA
Founder, Industrial Designer, Furniture Designer, CNC Guru

Brooke M Davis, IDSA is the founder and principal Industrial Designer at (make+SHift)atx. Davis was formerly Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA and at Appalachian State University. Her specialties include teaching creative thinking & technical application in the design studio and in business, materials and processes, rapid prototyping, CNC, and furniture design.

Davis is also know for her high end luxury CNC Furnitue Design. Her work is internationally recognized and shown annualy at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. Her work is know for its compelling complex surfacing that entails the highest quality and attention to detail. She currently serves as the Chair of the Furniture Section for the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)

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Social Entrepreneurship

Make+SHift is committed to helping promote design thinking and design projects within the community. We think design empowers people and makes the world a better place! That's why we volunteer our time and services to at least one community project at any given time.



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