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Brooke M Davis, IDSA
Founder, Industrial Designer

Brooke M Davis, IDSA is the founder and principal Industrial Designer at (make+SHift)atx. She specializes in the application of design thinking for innovative solutions. Davis' work is internationally recognized for its unique design sensibility, innovative design solutions, and meticulous attention to detail. Davis was formerly Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA and at Appalachian State University. Her specialties include teaching creative thinking & technical application in the design studio, materials and processes, rapid prototyping, CNC, and furniture design.


Social Entrepreneurship

Make+SHift is committed to helping promote design thinking and design projects within the community. We think design empowers people and makes the world a better place! That's why we volunteer our time and services to at least one community project at any given time.



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Have you ever want to play on the CNC but never had access? Come and use ours!

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