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Intro to CNC Basics Class- $25- 1.5 hr session
Do you want to know more about CNC Cutting? Are you curious to see if using a CNC is good for your design process? This class covers a basic introductry vocabulary to using a CNC. 
it's better than watching TV!
Lecture 1 hr Demo 1/2 hour

2D & 3D DIY CNC Prototyping - $825- 12- 2hr sessions
Introductory Certifcation Class- 6 Weeks
Basic Training on the make+SHift Shopbot CNC Machine
Certification enables members to operate the cnc at a reduced hourly rate. Techniques covered include 2 1/2 axis and 3 axis cutting, Visual Mill Programing, and Jigging Soluitions

3 Day- Rhino Immersive Classes- $425 3- 3hr sessions
This class offers a basic understanding of the tools and principles behind 3D modeling.Learn Rhino in 3 easy 3 hr classes- We'll get you up and running in no time to be able to create your own design.

Design Thinking for Product Development/ Business- $400- 4- 2 hr sessions
Are you interested in being more creative with your product development? In this class we will explore the design thinking process in relation to all aspects of the product development process from brainstorming and idea conception and market research to product design and manufacturing. Lastly we will explore creative avenue for marketing and sales.

Industrial Design Process for Product Development- $1200- 12- 3hr sessions
In this six week course students will develop a product design for prototype. We will go through the product design process from brainstorming and ideations, through design to manufacturing. Our goal will be to design and build a first round prototype by the end of the class.

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DIY CNC Classes !

Have you ever want to play on the CNC but never had access? Come and use ours!

Classes are schedule On- Demand!

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